Rothwell Family Farm & Apple Orchard

Family owned and operated since 1972 (Mount Forest, ON)

Apple Varieties and Their Uses

 Approximate Harvest Date
  • Crisp, tart and juicy
  • Excellent for eating and cooking
  • Makes a sweet, pink applesauce
 Early September
  • Sweet and juicy
  • Tender, white flesh
  • Excellent for eating and cooking
  • Great in salads and pies
 Mid September
  • Sweet with a hint of tartness
  • Juicy
  • White flesh
  • Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, pies and baking
  • Flesh stays white long after being cut
 Late September
  • Crisp, white flesh
  • Sweet and crunchy
  • Excellent for eating, salads, baking pies and freezing
  • Great for kids' lunches

Late September 
  • Crunchy and sweet
  • White flesh
  • Excellent for eating, kids' lunches, and cider
 Late September
  • Tart and crunchy
  • Great for eating, sauce and pies
Early October 
 Northern Spy
  • Tart and crunchy
  • Excellent for pies, baking and freezing 
 Mid October
 Golden Russet
  • Sweet and crunchy
  • Creamy, yellow flesh
  • Excellent for eating, cooking and cider
 Mid to Late October